Southern Charm Star Has His Day in Court

I've never (even before the show) been a fan of former SC State Treasurer, Thomas Ravenel. If you watch the show, don't you think he comes off like a big Frat boy? He seems to have made the name/reputation of the Ravenel's a joke. T-Rav had his day in court today and seems to me he got a slap on the wrist. Thomas pleaded guilty to third degree assault and battery and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but was suspended to a $500 fine. The charge he pleaded to is a misdemeanor, but come on. Here is what his victim, his former nanny, said happened (in letter form as she was not in court). The victim alleged that Thomas got undressed and put the her hand on his private parts and then grabbed her private parts. Investigators say the nanny also said her bra’s underwire cut her skin and that she couldn’t breathe because her shirt wrapped around her neck.

In Thomas's statement he said, “Your honor, on the night of the incident I did attempt to kiss her and in so doing I grabbed her arm and that was wrong, and I am much appreciative of the opportunity to apologize to her in court today," Ravenel said in court. My take on the verdict is what is Thomas learning from this sentence? Thomas, himself, is worth around $6 million (which is surprisingly low to me). His family is worth much much more. This is nothing to this man. I would dare say the victim and her story is also nothing to Thomas...

Here is the latest on the story from People magazine:

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