Boy who gave up savings for Hurricane Victims get a HUGE surprise!

Little Jermaine Bell saw a need and performed a selfless act. Now, as adults, we see needs from time to time and we immediately try to fill those needs, but how many of us did it as children? Y'all, Jermaine is 6 years old! He saw some of the news stories and pictures of the devastation from Hurricane Dorian and he decided instead of going to Disney for his 7th birthday, with money he had been saving all year, he would send that money to Hurricane Dorian victims. Feel free to cry right there at your desk. I did.

So, once ABC's Good Morning America (which Disney owns) heard about the story, little Jermaine, from SC got to donate his money AND spend his birthday at Disney!! Jermaine told CNN , right after the story broke, that he just "wanted to be generous". WOW.

Over the weekend, Disney employees, along with Mickey Mouse, showed up outside of an interview with "Good Morning America" to deliver his free trip to Disney in person.

Here's the full story:

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