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Google's I/O 2018

If you are like me, then you're a huge fan of Google and everything they do! I love Android phones, although I use an iPhone daily as well and I must say, they're not bad! (Android is just better.) So, as a Google fan, I was very excited to hear some of the announcement's from Google's I/O 2018. To make it easier on you, I've compiled some of the coolest news below, but you can always click here to read the full article! 

Google Assistant

In a new demonstration, the Google Assistant could be heard making a call and setting up a hair appointment with a real person. This was almost too cool to be true! All the user did in the demonstration was say "Hey Google, call my stylist and set up an appointment on Friday between 10am and noon." The Assistant then proceeded to call and have an actual conversation with the stylist, setting up the appointment just like a live person would do. It was INSANE! I think it will be a while before we see AI this advanced on our phones, but it's still a cool possibility on the horizon. Also, apparently the new voice of Google Assistant later this year will be none other than John Legend! I guess Google Assistant will be singing to us now, and I'm okay with that! 


Gmail saw some updates recently before I/O 2018, but now there's even more it can do! Gmail can now autocomplete entire emails! Now, I am way too OCD to allow Gmail to complete my emails. But, if I did use this feature, I'd have to go back and proofread it about five times to make sure it doesn't say anything crazy! The feature appears to work well, though. For those in a hurry, just start an email and keep hitting tab to continue the auto completion. You may have a lot less typing in your near future! 

Android P

Google's new mobile operating system Android P looks awesome! If you've been using Android for a while, get ready for a change. Android P is the most drastic overhaul of the Android UI in years. Now, it may take some getting used to, but it looks to be a much more fluid operating system than what we've been using. Incorporating swipe gestures in place of digital buttons, giving you an app to monitor your phone usage so you can spend more time off of it and a new "Shush" feature which silences your phone just by placing it face down are just a few of the awesome new things coming to Android P. 

2018 is going to be an awesome year for Google, and as a total tech nerd, that makes me happy!  

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