Florida Could Abolish Daylight Saving Time?

Florida may soon be doing an awesome thing - dropping Daylight Saving time! I've been a huge proponent of this idea for years, and there are others (at least my wife) who agree with me. I understand that there used to be a need an purpose for it, but Daylight Saving doesn't make sense anymore. The problem is, if Florida drops it and the rest of us don't, then that may cause some issues. Ideally, all states would decided to abolish Daylight Saving Time altogether. Think about it! No more remembering to set clocks forward or back, no more losing an hour of sleep (although gaining an hour is quite nice!). Fingers crossed this becomes a reality in my lifetime! But for now, remember Daylight Saving Time on March 11th. At least we'll get more daytime for a while! 

You can read all the details on Florida's proposed legislation here.