Ava Max Responds To Shooting That Happened After Her Performance

Photo: Getty Images

Ava Max has released a statement on Instagram in the aftermath of a shooting that took place after her performance during Monday night's Fourth of July fireworks show in Philadelphia. Ava posted the following on July 5th, "I am devastated at the shooting that happened after our show in Philly last night. She ended the statement by rallying for an end to gun violence. "I don't know what this country has come to. Everywhere we go we are terrified. We are traumatized. This needs to end. I pray everyone stays safe in the upcoming shows & events."

According to NBC Philadelphia, the shooting broke out at 9:57 P.M. near Benjamin Franklin Parkway just as the city's fireworks display came to a conclusion. Hundreds of attendees fled the scene and two officers sustained injuries, one a graze would to the head and the other a gunshot wound to the right shoulder. They were treated at a nearby hospital and have since been released. An NBC reporter reported that a "stampede" of people ran toward the concert stage. A gunman was not immediately arrested or identified, according to NBC.

Before the terrifying incident, Ava Max performed at the Wawa Welcome America July 4th concert as well as Jason Derulo and Tori Kelly. The news comes as another mass shooting that took place at a Fourth of July celebration in Highland Park, Illinois left at least seven people dead.

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