Your favorite Football movie!

Tom Brady

The Super Bowl is less than a week away. Redbox recently asked customers to name their favorite football movies. I've seen all of these, but of these, I would pick The Blind Side and The Replacements as my favorites.

1 The Blind Side --I have a friend who has a speaking role in a scene with Sandra Bullock, so that's cool. In fact, she's from Greenville and is the niece of former Greenville Mayor, Bill Workman. Eaddy Mays. Ever heard of her?

2 Remember the Titans--Ryan Gosling and Denzel Washington? Yes, please.

3 Rudy--Iconic

4 Waterboy--Really?

5 The Replacements--Keanu, Mauldin's Orlando Jones (Yep! He graduated from Mauldin High in 1985)

SOOOOO, which is your favorite? Not on the list? Tell me!

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