Congrats to Chris Pratt!!!

Should I be this happy for someone I don't even know? But I am! I am so proud and happy for Chris Pratt AND Katherine Schwarzenegger! Not sure of ALL the details on the proposal, but how sweet is this picture? AND LOOK AT THAT RING, y'all! I told my daughter, Taylor, about the engagement this morning and she said, "wow, that was fast!". Maybe, but we (the public) know they were together last June, and I would say they had, probably, been dating before then. June was when they were spotted out at grocery stores, with Chris's son, with Anna Faris, Jack. Chris and Anna split, officially August of 2017, but the divorce was only final back in November. Chris is 39, Katherine is 29 and were said to be set up by mutual friends. CONGRATS, you two!!! The full story is here: