Bachelor Colton Underwood's Skin Routine is unbelievable!

Colton Underwood from Natl article

My nightly skin routine is cleansing with Oil of Olay (about $8) and moisturizing with, honestly, whichever moisturizer I got in my Beauty Box, Ipsy or Gift with Purchase. I'm cheap y'all, but it does the trick. I have 3 kids, I can't spend this kind of money! The NY Post claims Bachelor star Colton Underwood has a skin care routine that costs $575. It includes a $125 beauty serum, a $95 rejuvenation cream, an $85 eye serum and a $55 'solar defense booster'. So, what is your routine? My mother is in her 70's and looks like she's no more than 60. She has the greatest skin and her routine is washing her face with warm water (as in no soap or cleanser at all) and moisturizer. Colton is a great looking guy, so it's working, but dang, son!