Prince Harry Was Asked to sign a "Budgie Smuggler"

Prince Harry was at the Invictus games over the weekend in Australia, when one of the athletes asked him to sign his "budgie smuggler". Y'all, that's a speedo. Bwahahahahaaaaa!!! Prince Harry politely refused, but was later given a pair and he put them on over his trousers. What a great guy! Of the Invictus games Harry said, “First of all, thank you for the welcome you have given Meghan and I over the last few days,” he shared with the crowd gathered at the Sydney Opera House. “I have been so proud to be able to introduce my wife to you, and we have been so happy to be able to celebrate the personal joy of our newest addition with you all. Our Invictus family has turned these games into a symbol of strength, honor and optimism for a new generation.”