Feel like you give your kids money all the time?

Parents gibe their kids cash on the regular. Every week Joey and I hand our kids money for gasoline, entry into sporting events and for their extracurricular activities. Some parents (and we've done this too) give a lot of cash to their kids for things like allowance, gifts and even bribes. A survey found that on average, children under age 10 receive $1,360 each year from their parents, which comes out to about $113 a month. Seven in 10 parents said they give money to their kids regularly, and the most popular reasons included a monthly allowance, rewards for good behavior or achievements, bribes to get them to behave, gifts for special occasions and compensation for chores. … Two in three parents said they wish they gave less money, but they couldn’t give less because they feel “in competition with other parents” or they “don’t want to disappoint” their children. Nope, that's not us at all. I do want my kids to enjoy their childhood, but I'm not trying to keep up with anybody for sure.  A minority — 17 percent — even admitted that they had to hand over the cash because their child “likes expensive things and needs enough to buy them.” Um, what now? They can wear Cuga just like I did!